Nigeria: Struggle for Independence



             Nigeria Struggle                         

Nigeria is a country for the Ikwere people it was taken over by many countries like .Portuguese, British, French, and Dutch traders in the 17th and 18th centuries; Nigeria was eventually claimed by the British, who consolidated    the area into one colony in 1914.  The Lgpo people in the collage fighting for equal socio-political participation , representation ,and treatment and not be slaves and they stared to fight for their independent t.         They had many leader to help the fight for independence . In 1966 a coup led by general Aguyi inrosi an lgbo man toppled the government of abubakar Tafew Balewa a northerner killing the revolution gave hope for socio political equality to the oppressed Ikwere people. They ended up winning the freedom and independece in 1960 they attain freedom. The prime langue is lgbo and the name of the ethnic group is ikwere. That is in Nigeria these where the people fight for independece and social ant political rights and freedom because many of the ikwere people where turn into slaves and could never be as rich as the British that came into their country.


 Their where a string of events in Nigeria leading to freedom and independece. Jack Snyder spoke many speeches about the political system to lead to the indents and speaking his mind and he was threaten to be killed if he said any more speeches and he was beaten on a daily bases. He had many followers to support him and speak his message against the political systems their where many nationalistic ideals in Nigeria. They set up a federal government. Nigeria first elected President Olusegun Obasanjo.